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Cultures and Storytelling Study Abroad in Ireland Summer 2019

Our Experience
The Irish have a legendary reputation for having a rich cultural history of storytelling. Deeply connected to the stories are the breathtaking scenery and welcoming people, from the bustle of Dublin to the magic of the Cliffs of Moher. This study abroad experience is your opportunity to explore the Emerald Isle. GO GREEN!

We’re going to spend three amazing weeks learning about how the Irish tell stories about their culture—both real and imagined—and how those stories shape the ways people communicate. Picking up some Irish Gaelic along the way—because language shapes the way people think and make sense of the world—we will explore how the peoples of this island have moved from Celtic mythology to the Famine to the booming Celtic Tiger to the LGBTQ+ friendly country it is today. Our travels across Ireland will teach us how locals and tourists share these tales, myths, and real life events in modern times. We will gain a stronger understanding of how culture is central to the ways we create, experience, and innovate as writers, designers, developers, researchers, and citizens.
We will engage with the Irish people, visiting spaces such as the National Museum of Ireland, viewing the The Book of Kells, traveling north to understand how new generations are telling the stories of the Troubles, experiencing a simulation of the Solstice inside the ancient UNESCO World Heritage site at Newgrange, walking in the footsteps of Dubliners during the 1916 Uprising, and journeying across the country to connect these stories to the peoples and the lands.
What Past Students Have Said About Their Experiences
"I’m convinced that, because of study abroad programs, I am a more attentive student, a more thoughtful observer, and a more globalized and independent person.”
"I gained confidence that I could work and get along and work with others, even in a culturally diverse setting.”
"Parents might also value knowing that I've never felt so safe. With the Palestinian protests going on while we were in Paris, I got every alert, every word of caution, and every bit of protection I would have thought possible from Liza, MSU, and the people working with us in France."
Our Coursework
This program is designed for Professional Writing and Experience Architecture students, as well as students from other programs looking to learn more about storytelling, cultures, and experiences. Students make take between 6-10 credit hours. If you have taken these courses already, speak with Professor Casey McArdle about other options that will work for you.
  • WRA 260 Rhetoric, Persuasion, and Culture (3 credits): This course focuses on rhetorical analysis of consumer, corporate, organizational, and popular cultures.
  • WRA 499 International Research (3 credits): This course consists of supervised research.

Learn More October 9th and November 7th at 6:30 pm in the Hal Currie room (297) in Bessey Hall
You are welcome to attend our information meetings to learn more about this education abroad experience. We will talk about our program, discuss funding ideas, and share information about travelling to Ireland! We will also hear about the experiences of past student participants of the Cultures and Storytelling study abroad. Interested? Email Professor Liza Potts lpotts@msu.edu